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"A show on the outskirts of Paris and on it's last legs.

An old woman's murder starts a spree of disapearances around the area.

All eyes are on one suspect, Christophe Edith."


Warning, this Comic Contains: Violence & Gore

This comic is currently wrapping up on it's Final Volume (Book 3)! 

You can also read it on Webtoon and Tapas!


I'm currently drawing 2 Middle Grade Graphic Novels for the new series "I Witnessed"! The first being The Lizzie Borden Story (2024) and then The Great Train Robbery (2025)! Read about the announcement here~

So there's some good news/bad news. Bad news, all my webcomic updates will be slowing down significantly during this time period. Good news, I'll still be working on them and you can expect consistent updates! So here's a breakdown of the schedule:

Nigh Heaven & Hell and Freakshow will basically rotate each week each month! Hazy London will return January 5th~

Thank you so much for your continued support!!


About The Author

My name's Crystal Jayme (aka Scotty) and I love comics!  If I'm not making comics, I'm either reading them or talking about them.  It's a sick cycle of nothing but comics!

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