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Posted January 23, 2024 at 12:00 am

And were back in the present. It's finally time to say goodbye Gaston. And with that, were' done with Act 9!

Come back Feb 6th for Act 10's Cover art! 

I also wanna say, seriously, thank you guys SO much for your patience this past year while I work on these side book projects. Updates have been super slow but I'm so happy to still be able to show you pages each month and get this story closer to it's completion! Just 3 chapters left and an Epilogue. Which btw I finished storyboarding in December! You can check it all out on Patreon if ya wanna spoil yourself~ 

In other news, I've begun uploading Freakshow from the very beginning over on Tapas & Webtoon! Updates are every Thursday in small batches so if you'd like to reread it, come join me there! <3 

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