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Posted April 2, 2024 at 12:00 am

We're back and onwards to Act 10! ALSO IT'S MY BIRTHDAY~~ 

This is the first page for Freakshow I've drawn in what feels like forever lol. It took a WHILE to remember how to draw these characters again. Working on the Lizzie Borden comic took a wee bit longer than I expected but I'm so excited to show you guys how the comic turned out! If you like Freakshow, then it'll be right up your alley! Honestly, working on Freakshow has taught me SO much over the years and I basically applied it all to the Lizzie Borden comic~ I'll hopefully have more news on it in the coming months!

Next Update is April 16th

Also, Freakshow is officially updating in small batches over on Tapas & Webtoon every Thursday!

Webtoon ~~ Tapas ~~ NamiComi

And here's some bonus art I drew last month~

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